Lechon Asado Visit Guavate for the Best

By: Ivan Gonzalez | October 25, 2020

Lechon asado, another typical dish of Puerto Rico and perhaps one of the most popular.   The “Lechon asado” has been part of the Puerto Rican cuisine for many years, as far back as 1493 when the “conquistadores” brought the pig to Puerto Rico from Spain. So we have had some time to perfect this recipe.

What makes the Lechon asado from Puerto Rico so special is the way the pigs are seasoned and cooked. Every establishment has its own secret way to season their pigs, so try and choose your favorite taste, but all the establishments are pretty much consistent when it comes to how to roast their pigs.  It takes between 5 – 6 hours to roast a full-grown pig, slowly turning the pig over hot burning charcoal made from local trees. Curious enough, it seems that the more old-fashioned the “lechonera” looks, the better the pig will taste.

Lechon Asado

Side Dishes

There are plenty of side dishes to combine your Lechon asado, but for sure the most known side dish is the “Arroz con Gandules.” Another great choice for a side dish is Viandas, like boiled green bananas, Plantains, Panas, and other root vegetables.

Another traditional dish that you will encounter is the “morcilla” which is blood sausage. The morcilla is also served with Lechon Asado but it can also be its own main dish. You will be presented with many different delicious choices, so just sample from each to see which one is your preferred taste.


Almost as important as the main dish, what you will drink with your food is an important decision. A simple glass of water is a good choice, but you can also choose from different beers, mix cocktails, and our famous delicious Pina Colada.

How To Get There

It is about an hour’s drive from San Juan to Guavate. Take Expreso Luis A. Ferrer/PR-52 towards Caguas. Continue 52 towards Cayey/Cidra. Take PR-184 towards Guavate/Cayey.


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