Hacienda Los Maldonados


By: Roberto Figueroa | March 17, 2021

At Hacienda Los Maldonados, located in Salinas, you can take a trip back in time to the times of our parents and grandparents; this is a family place where you can learn a lot about the Puerto Rico of the past.


For example, you will learn how the old Puerto Rican homes (bohios) and kitchen were commonly designed. The “fogon” (wood stove), was used by our ancestors – and it is still in used today for everyday cooking in some homes in the country side of the island. This, might be because cooking with wood ads a delicious distinguished flavor to our Puerto Rican cuisine, like a good “Lechon Asadao” (roast pork). Puerto Rico has a great culinary variety as we are influenced by three races – the Spanish, the Taino and the African.

Puerto Rican Fogon

You will also find many old style utensils and home appliances commonly used in the homes of the Puerto Rican families as far back in time as our native Indians.

As a curious fact, at Hacienda Los Maldonados there is a giant “Pilon”( a wooden container used to mash vegetables) which happens to be the largest in the world as recognized by the Guinness World Record organization. Perhaps one day we will be able to enjoy a tasty Mofongo mashed in this huge wooden “Pilon.”

If you want to experience how a true Puerto Rican (jibaro) used to live, be sure to visit Hacienda Los Maldonados en Salinas.

Location: Salinas

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