Steps Beach


By: Ivan Gonzalez | October 30, 2020

Steps Beach is a great destination for surfers located in the town of Rincon, Puerto Rico. It is located a few minutes away from Domes Beach and is part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. The beach gets its name from the remains of a small concrete staircase that once belonged to an old residence situated right by the beach.

Unlike other beaches, Steps Beach is not a “Balneario” and thus does not have facilities such as lifeguards, safety buoys, showers, dressing rooms, or designated parking areas. The beach offers a secluded, romantic atmosphere, with an amazing view and is great for taking photos, going for walks, and watching the sunset. During the winter months, it becomes a great spot for surfing with big waves and a great surfer atmosphere.

The beach features a tree swing at the end of the beach that is quite romantic, but visitors should exercise caution as it is high and above a rocky shoreline. There is no designated parking area, so visitors should be ready to park on the side of the road. It is a small road in between a “Finca” and visitors are advised to turn their vehicles around before parking.

Activities available at Steps Beach include surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, paddleboarding, and swinging on the tree swing. The beach offers visitors a secluded and peaceful retreat, with plenty of opportunities for water sports and nature exploration.

Location: Rincon
Lifeguard: No
Water Sports: Yes
Surfing: Yes
Changing Facilities: No
Food & Drinks near by: No
Parking: No

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